What is the molar mass of Mg(NO3)2?



What is the molar mass of Mg(NO3)2?

Answer and Explanation:

Magnesium Nitrate:
Magnesium nitrate is an ionic compound framed among magnesium and nitrate particles. This compound is profoundly dissolvable in water and ethanol. Magnesium nitrate can be produced by responding nitric corrosive with a salt of magnesium.
Molar mass of a substance means the sum of atomic masses of each element present in the substance.
For example, in there is one magnesium atom, two nitrogen atoms and six oxygen atoms.

Therefore, molar mass of is calculated as follows.
Molar mass = mass of Mg + mass of N atoms + mass of oxygen atoms
= 24.30 g/mol + (2 times 14.00) g/mol + (6 times 15.99)
= (24.30 + 28 + 95.94) g/mol
= 148.24 g/mol
Thus, we can conclude that molar mass of is 148.24 g/mol.


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