what is the iupac name for the compound shown below?



what is the IUPAC name for the compound shown below?

IUPAC nomenclature:

The name of the structure of the compound systematically and universally accepted by using the IUPAC nomenclature. There are certain and very important rules for naming the compound structure and followed by these rules we can naming compounds easily. Every compound has its specific name and from the name, we getting information regarding like compound class, functional group, bonding connectivity, and etc.

Answer and Explanation:

The IUPAC nomenclature is the systematic method for the naming the compound structure. The general rules for the IUPAC nomenclature as follows-
First, we need to determine the functional group of the given structure, then select the longest chain of carbon which contains the functional group. After selecting the longest chain number the chain in such a way that the functional group and substituent will get the lower number as much as possible. If there are more than one same substituent in the chain then we need to put carbon numbers separated by commas and then put the prefix like di or tri and, etc. Each different substituent writes separated by a dash and in the last, we need to write the functional group name with carbon number where the functional group is attached.

The following these all rules the IUPAC name for the compound given as follow-
The compound containing the functional group is alcohol since there is given −OH group. The longest chain with 4 carbons and on the carbon number first there is functional group is attached. The substituent is methyl attached on the carbon number 2, so the parent alkane name is butane and the IUPAC name is 2-methyl-1-butanol OR 2-methylbutan-1-ol.

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