What is the electric potential at the point indicated with the dot in the figure? Suppose that q


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  1. Electric Potential:
    The electric potential because of charge q a good way off r away from it is given by:
    V =1/4πϵo×q/r
    Within the sight of numerous charges, electric potential at a point is the scalar aggregate of electric potential because of individual charges.
    Answer and Explanation:
    We are given:
    • Charge molecule, q1 =2 nC situated at r1 =3 cmr1 =3 cm from the given point.
    • Charge molecule, q2 =2 nC situated at r2 =4 cmr2 =4 cm from the given point.
    • Charge molecule, q =−1.8 nC situated at r3 =√32 +42 =5 cmr3 =32 +42 =5 cm from the given point.
    Discovering electric potential (V) at the stamped point
    • V =1/4πϵo×q1/r1 +1/4πϵo×q2/r2 +1/4πϵo×q/r3
    • V =1/4πϵo×(q1/r1 +q2/r2 +q/r3)
    • V =9×109×(2×10−9 C/3×10−2 m +2×10−9 C/4×10−2 m −1.8×10−9 C/5×10−2 m)
    • V =726 V

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