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  1. The appropriate response is Grapheme. The Grapheme is the image or symbol that speaks to a discourse sound and is a unit of a letters in order. We should examine the appropriate response in detail underneath.
    It is an image that is utilized to distinguish or characterize a phoneme; letter or a gathering of letters creating the sound. For instance, there is a two letter Grapheme in the word group where “ea” make long “ee” sound.
    The grapheme can be a succession of various letters like as, sh, tch, and so forth or just a solitary letter. So in the event that somebody talks the sound/t/this is called phoneme, yet while composing the letter ‘t’, it is a grapheme.
    The term Grapheme was authored in connection to the phoneme, and it is gotten from the Ancient Greek (gráphō) which means compose and the addition eme.
    The investigation of these Graphemes is known as graphemics. A particular image or shape speaks to the specific grapheme which is called glyph.
    Spelling a letter dependent on the letter set and afterward composing the letter according to the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) is frequently unique, yet for the letters in order like K, it continues as before.
    Frequently the k sound can likewise be composed by the mix of numerous letters, where you will see the word sounding part as Christmas ˈkris-məs .

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