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  1. Select the right IUPAC name for the accompanying spread chain alkane
    a) 6, 7 – dimethyt-3-propylundecane
    b) 4-ethyl 7, 8-dimethykJodecane
    c) 5, 6-dimethyl-d-propykmdecane
    d) 10-ethy1-5, 7dimethyldodecane
    IUPAC Nomenclature of Alkanes:
    The most widely recognized principles that are to be remembered while naming alkanes are:
    • The longest carbon chain with the best number of carbon molecules ought to be distinguished and numbered.
    • The area of the substituents in the chain ought to be explicitly referenced for the sake of the compound.
    • The root word for alkanes is ‘ane’ and the prefix depends on the Greek numerals.
    Answer and Explanation:
    The given compound is numbered dependent on the need request.
    As should be obvious,
    • The longest carbon chain has 12 carbon iotas.
    • The compound has an ethyl bunch at the fourth carbon, and two methyl bunches each at the seventh and eighth carbon in the chain.
    Along these lines, the name of the compound is 4-ethyl 7, 8-dimethyldodecane.
    The appropriate response is b)4-ethyl 7, 8-dimethyldodecane

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