Rank these species by their ability to act as an oxidizing agent. Best oxidizing agent to poorest…

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  1. Rank these species by their capacity to go about as an oxidizing operator. Best oxidizing specialist to most unfortunate oxidizing operator.
    Sn2+, Au3+, Mg2+, Cr2+
    Oxidizing and Reducing Agent:
    Oxidation is lost electrons and decrease is an addition of electrons. For instance, An and B are two molecules and electrons moving from A to B. Thus, A here is losing electrons and B is picking up electrons. In any case, An and B are the operators that lessening and oxidizing specialist individually.
    Answer and Explanation:
    The higher estimation of Standard decrease potential methods best oxidizing specialist and lower worth reflect least fortunate oxidizing operator.
    Species Standard decrease potential
    Au3+ +1.50
    Cr2+ +1.33
    Sn2+ – 0.14
    Na+ – 2.714

    Best to Poorest oxidizing operator:

    Au3+ > Cr2+ > Sn2+ > Na+

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