Label each reactant and product in this reaction as a Bronsted acid or base. H2Y- + H2Z- arrows…

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  1. Name every reactant and item(product) in this response(reaction) as a Bronsted corrosive or base.
    Bronsted-Lowry Acid/Base:
    Bronsted and Lowry gave a progressively summed up meaning of acids and bases in contrast with the Arrhenius definition which was just restricted to fluid arrangements of acids and bases ie when just H+ and OH− particles are created.
    Bronsted and Lowry proposed a refreshed definition expressing that any substance which can give a proton is a corrosive while the substance which acknowledges it is the base.
    We see a comparable case in the clarification.
    Answer and Explanation:
    Given response:
    • Here we see that H2Z− gives a proton (H+) to the arrangement and can be named as a Bronsted corrosive.
    • Now we see that H2Y acknowledges the proton (H+) to get changed over to H3Y.
    In this way, we see that:
    H2Z−⇒Bronsted corrosive(acid)
    H2Y−⇒Bronsted base

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