Draw the structure of the major organic product of the following reaction.

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  1. Draw the structure(s) of the major organic product(s) of the following reaction.

    (You do not have to consider stereochemistry.)

    Wolff-Kishner reaction
    The wolff-kishner reaction is defined as the reduction of the ketones into alkane. Wolff-kishner reaction requires hydrazine or hydrazine derivative, a base and a source of hydrogen.

    Answer and Explanation:
    In the wolff-kishner reaction formation of alkane takes place via formation of hydrazone. In the given reaction, ethanol is acting both as a base and source of hydrogen ion.

    The mechanism of the given reaction is shown below. Abstraction of hydrogen from nitrogen by ethoxide ion is shown by blue color arrows. Abstraction of hydrogen by carbanion from ethanol is shown by red color arrow.

    Mechanism of the given reaction

    The overall reaction is shown below.

    Overall reaction

    Therefore, the product of the given reaction is propane.

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