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Berlin Regulations to Social Media Platforms

Berlin Regulations to Social Media Platforms

The German government wants to fine social media platforms because of the negative effects of fake news and propaganda that precipitates major issues. This issues include hate speech, especially regarding racism (BBC, 2017), and even the detrimental effects of fake news that damage reputations. These type of news can also cause mass panic and fear.

I think that the positive outcomes of the fine campaign will ensure that there right and correct information circulates within the German public. This will ensure that the public is not incited into taking a stance in hate speech that targets minorities, such the latest arrival of refugees. Furthermore, it bring forth net neutrality properties into the social media platform such that personal information is not exploited such as to fuel fake news, which is a common occurrence when black ops companies manipulate these social platforms.

In my opinion, the negative effects that may come from these fines may make these social media companies such as Facebook, scrutinize and remove any posts that cannot even be groups as fake news or propaganda just as a pre-caution to err on the safe side. Furthermore, this is likely to introduce intensive censorship of news, even genuine news, as more time is taken by these social media companies to analyze the authenticity of the news, especially the internet relies heavily on the rapid dispensation of news and its various elements, including blogs and blog posts).

I think I should have the right to post anything on social media platforms, especially with regard to news posts to update my friends over Facebook or blogs. However, my freedom should be limited to point where it becomes damaging to the general public or disrespects the boundaries of personal information, such as generating posts the claim Hillary Clinton has associations to a pedophile ring.

In order to stem the effects of fake news and propaganda, Facebook has introduced a three day public campaign that will educate and encourage better scrutiny and determination of the authenticity of public campaign (Thomas, 2017). Furthermore, it has linked up with the local media platforms, such as the French Media; a venture that is likely to aid Facebook in properly authenticating the news and stories circulating on its media.

I think that fake news and hate speech posts are fast becoming a big problem because of the repercussion the cause in the society. I have encountered posts about hate speech, especially regarding racism and anti-Semitic, that have caused numerous violent demonstrations that have ended up causing death. Furthermore, this violence often leads to the destruction of property.


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